Simbo (occasionally known historically as Narovo and Eddystone Island) is one of the smaller islands of the Solomons, but also one of the most lovely and fascinating. My traveling companion and I visited this special place a couple of years ago. As an online marketing consultant, getting away to a place with no internet was a treat like no other. My work promoting online casinos and especially online slots, while fun, does wear thin when done day after day in the confines of an office cubicle. I would research lists of slots games at various online casinos to recommend which one gave the best free rolls or bonuses, etc. This generated traffic to clients sites, which is what we are paid to do, but I can feel the need to go look for a natural paradise to escape the rat race. And replacing that rat race with an island adventurer sun bonnet was especially inviting. Did I mention there are computers here? And no internet, no pressure. Just paradise.

Simbo’s amazing volcanic landscape offers many scenes to the traveler. While not as high or imposing as Kolombangara’s monstrous cone, or as active as the Tinakula and Kavachi, the lovely and mysterious scenery of the vine-draped terrain makes Simbo unmissable.

The view from the road of the numerous islets and reefs off the northwest coast is exquisite, as one travels south between Tapurai and the villages of Lengana and Mengge, at the center and narrowest part of the island.

With the looming verdant crags of Mount Patukio making a southwestern route difficult, the road hops across the northern inlet of Uelai Harbour (or Simbo Harbour) to Nusa Simbo, a small but elongated island that hugs the southeastern coast of Simbo. As one travels south to the end of the road, with the lagoon to one side and the Pacific to the other, the village of Ove comes into view. And what a stunning view. IT one that is hardly mistakable.

Ove is also the name of the saltwater lake farther to the west, an area of sulfuric hot springs in which megapode eggs, a local staple, are cooked. Local staples are the kind of delight in which one should try. Ubiquity is often with good reason. Between the village and the lake rise Mount Patukio, a summit crater, and the more active Ngusunu crater to the southwest. The two make up much of the southern half of Simbo, risingfrom the sea with thickly-forested crater walls often shrouded in mist near the tumbled Рrock summits.

I have been many places during my journey on this planet but this one I will always remember as one of my favorites ever. If you have not been lucky enough to spend time here, please do it before it is too late and remember to plan lots of time here so you can see exactly what they have to offer. I’m only trying to give you a heads up because many people will visit and think that they’ll be able to see everything in a week. You might think the same and if all you have is 1 week please know that your time will be spent here during that week. I am only suggesting that IF you could manage more time, it would not be wasted… There is so much going on that it would be very hard to see it in twice as time.

Remember, the best part of this place is slowing down and enjoying the present. They allow people to RELAX!

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